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Our candles are made to be decoratives that‘ is why the wick... 

About Us

The candle has that magic that everyone loves for all different reasons, which is why it brings people together. The mesmerizing glow and scent that creates memories.

I always loved candles. After the pandemic everything changed, which is why I wanted to do something different which can be part of a clean earth and environment. Matricaink is a woman owned small business.

Every product is hand made by me in small batches in my studio, which is located in NY. I only use high quality, natural, non toxic ingredients, right down to the packaging, which is also reusable and recyclable.

So therefore my slogan is:

KEEP IT CLEAN! ” Our only home.

I hope you and your family will enjoy my product just the way I created it, with love, happiness and joy!

Thank you,
for supporting my small business.





  • 100% Handmade - With love

  • 100 % Phthalate Free

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